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Liberal Law Enforcement Endangers All

Staff WriterMay 17, 2019

On March 25, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins released a 65-page policy memo, stating that 15 categories of crime (such as drug possession, drug dealing, trespassing, breaking and entering, destruction of property, shoplifting and resisting arrest) will no longer be prosecuted. This radical agenda will lead to more crime and endanger lives of law-abiding citizens. Rollins is letting dangerous criminals into our neighborhoods. Emboldening the criminal will not end well.

Two current examples:

(1) A burglary suspect is back on the street after being arrested three separate times in the past month; each time he was released. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said, “I’ve been in law enforcement for 36 years, and I’ve never seen this happen -- a serial breaking-and-entering artist let go every time.”

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