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Phil Kerpen: Let the electric vehicle subsidies die on schedule

By Phil Kerpen Guest ColumnistMay 16, 2019

With the $7,500 tax credit for electric car buyers already in the phase out period for the two biggest manufacturers - Tesla and GM — it’s no surprise that many Democrats in Congress are clamoring to lift the cap and keep the subsidies flowing. Unfortunately, several Republicans are joining the effort, creating unfortunate bipartisan support for a piecemeal version of the crackpot Green New Deal they have been rightly mocking and ridiculing.

The so-called Drive America Forward Act would triple the existing cap on subsidies of 200,000 per manufacturer — massively expanding a program that was always supposed to be temporary and was originally premised on the national security rationale that it would lessen dependence on foreign oil — a now comically anachronistic concern when the United States has become a leading oil exporter.

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