Baraboo troupe presents ‘Naughty Knickers’

February 14, 2019

Baraboo actors hope to make audiences laugh their knickers off the next two weekends.

On Friday the Baraboo Theatre Guild will open its production of the comedy “Nana’s Naughty Knickers.” The dinner theater production will be staged Friday through Sunday the next two weekends at Baraboo Arts Banquet Hall.

“The play is very funny and just a tad bit naughty,” producer Autumn Elliott said, “and the cast is a great mix of new and familiar faces.”

Katherine DiSavino’s 2010 play is about a grandmother and granddaughter who are about to become roommates. Young Bridget quickly learns she was all too correct in her prediction that spending a summer with her Nana in New York would be a unique experience.

“I think audiences will enjoy how lively this show is,” cast member Brienna Killgallon said. “It’s a delightful comedy that doesn’t try to be too serious or something that it’s not.”

The granddaughter learns her sweet Nana is running an illegal boutique out of her apartment, selling handmade lingerie to fellow seniors. Featuring dialogue as crisp as pressed “naughty knickers,” the slick comedy centers on whether Bridget will be able to handle all the excitement and whether Nana will get arrested or evicted.

“It’s the perfect show for people looking for a night of laughs out at the theater,” Killgallon said.