RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Some North Carolina lawmakers want to create a commission that would advocate for college athletes.

A bill filed Tuesday in the North Carolina Senate would create the Legislative Commission on the Fair Treatment of College Student-Athletes, which would "examine the needs and concerns" of athletes in the University of North Carolina system.

The bill is sponsored by three Republican Senators — Warren Daniel of Burke County, and Dan Bishop and Jeff Tarte of Mecklenburg County.

The commission would study issues related to athletes' health insurance, injuries, unionization and profit-sharing for the use of their image.

It would also consider athletes' rights to be represented by attorneys, agents or financial advisors, and would review rules and punishments imposed by the NCAA and other organizations that limit transfer options or restrict an athlete's ability to find outside work.

The commission would consist of six Senate members appointed by the Senate leader and six House members appointed by the House Speaker, with their political affiliations in proportion to the composition of the Legislature.