‘They saved my life and my dwelling’

December 4, 2018

I would like to extend my appreciation to the person or people who called 911 to report a fire at my mobile home off of N.M. 14 between 1:30 and 2 a.m. on Nov. 3. I was fast asleep when the fire broke out. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Santa Fe County Battalion Chief Karl Ehl and the crew on duty that morning. They saved my life and my dwelling. Thank you.

Maria Ortega

Santa Fe

Obeying the rules

I am all for bicyclists sharing the road with automobiles (“Move over and make room for bicyclists,” Our View, Nov. 20). For that to happen successfully, both cars and bikes must obey the rules of the road. Just as cars cannot, or at least should not, blow through stoplights and stop signs, fail to yield properly, fail to signal an intent to turn and should obey posted speed limits, so should bicycles. If bicyclists are in lanes zoned for speed in excess of what they’re capable, they should move to the side and allow others to pass. When they are in a group, cyclists should ride single file. Absolutely when cars are passing, they should allow the cyclist as much room as possible.

I would like to see the city designate more bike lanes. I own a bike, but I never ride in Santa Fe because to me it seems incredibly dangerous. Narrow streets and poor traffic enforcement are a recipe for disaster for any vehicles — two-wheeled or more.

Cathlynn Groh

Santa Fe

Protecting the lion

I always enjoy reading about Northern New Mexico, having been born and living here for most of my life. However, I was saddened to read about the mountain lion that was spotted near a trail that I have traveled many, many times and noticed lion tracks on most occasions (“Mountain lion spotted near trail after dog goes missing,” Nov. 24). My concern is that the trail was named and a picture of the lion was posted eating a cow. The article went on to note that a dog was lost while walking with a hiker in that same area, mentioning that it was likely the lion had killed the dog.

Mountain lions are exceptionally singular, wide-ranging animals that have inhabited our mountains for centuries. The article conveys a sense of danger — rather than a sense of caution. I would encourage reporters to think carefully about how we responsibly share information while protecting some of our priceless heritage.

Sharon Dogruel


Not enemies

We Americans must not be like the Germans who remained silent before and during World War II while the Nazis rose to power and committed their atrocities. The people from Mexico and Central America are fleeing terrible violence in their countries so they can raise their families in safety. They are not “the enemy.” They do not belong in prison camps, or worse — impaled on our fences. Let us do what we can to change this.

Julie Naidich

Santa Fe

Sans solar

I’d like to thank Tesuque Pueblo for installing solar panels on the new casino to offset the building’s large electrical load. Oh, what, there aren’t any. Why?

Jeff Stampfer

Santa Fe

Greater good

There are hundreds of Bellamah neighborhood residents whose streets now serve as shortcuts between the busy Cerrillos Road and Rodeo Road corridors (“Great divide on Richards Ave.,” Nov. 28). Their traffic would decrease, not increase, if Richards Avenue’s long-missing link were built. This would be especially true on Avenida de las Campanas, which has Kearny Elementary School and Monica Lucero Park, in addition to nearly a hundred homes.

By contrast, fewer than a dozen homes actually front onto Richards Avenue north of Siringo Road. Another two dozen or so have side yards (often walled) along that stretch and along the wide stretch of Richards south of the arroyo. Complete Richards Avenue for the greater good.

H. W. Craig

Santa Fe

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