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Thief Steals Baliff’s Bracelet, Leaves Subpoeana

February 24, 1988

MIAMI (AP) _ A man who stole a courthouse bailiff’s gold bracelet left behind a clue to his identity - his subpoena in a theft case.

Police say Miguel Garcia approached a bailiff at an information booth in the Dade County Courthouse to explain he could not show up at a Thursday hearing on a theft case because he had a conflicting court date on another theft charge.

As the bailiff, Elisa Yepe, leaned over to examine the subpoena, her $525 gold bracelet fell to the floor.

Garcia picked it up and ran, leaving behind his subpoena, police said.

″One minute he’s asking her for a new trial date, the next minute he pulls this,″ Metro-Dade officer Rick Conover said Monday. ″Either this guy has guts or he’s not wrapped too tight.″

Police hope to arrest Garcia when he shows up for one of his Thursday court dates.

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