Hunting bill a ‘disgrace’: Letter

April 3, 2019

The debate in the state Legislature over a bear hunt took an absurd twist when the Environment Committee completely rewrote a bill to appease hunters in the state and renamed it “An Act Concerning the Control of Nuisance Wildlife.’’

CTNewsJunkie in its March 18 story correctly noted that the bill, SB 586, expands hunting. It clearly does even more. It incentivizes hunting over nonlethal methods by allowing property owners and renters who have bees, livestock or poultry (not just crops) to designate a hunter to kill wildlife they’ve deemed a nuisance. Not only does the designated hunter get paid to slaughter the wildlife, such as a bear, they get to keep the dead animal for their own commercial or private use.

It also doesn’t require that an owner or renter take any responsible action to properly secure their bee colonies or animals with fencing and now opens up the possibility that anyone with a few chickens or hives can invoke a hunt on their property if they’ve decided wildlife is a nuisance. The bill is a free-for-all of nonstop killing with little accountability or oversight. It’s dangerous and a disgrace.

Priscilla Feral


Friends of Animals