Fortenberry talks immigration at town hall meeting

August 4, 2018

NORFOLK - A Republican led immigration bill the House of Representatives failed to pass was talked about at Congressman Jeff Fortenberrys Town Hall meeting Tuesday night.

Fortenberry who represents the First District of Nebraska said although the bill failed 121 to 301he thought there was an alignment of several different ideas that were very smart and moved the country in the right direction.

He said he took two votes in favor of three different ideas.

“One was enhanced border security, funding for the wall and enhanced barriers. The second one was about changes to immigration policy to modernize our system to move away from things like the visa lottery. The third was about creating conditions for humanitarian exceptions also known as kids who are brought here with no illegal act of their own.”

Fortenberry said he thought the bill included reasonable ways to stop chaos and difficulty at the border, but the Democrats obviously didn’t think so since every one of them voted against it.

He said he sees no chance of the bill being revised and coming back up, but work will still continue to be done in other countries to help stop the economic and political migration caused by violence.

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