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Names In The Game

January 17, 1994

CINCINNATI (AP) _ Cincinnati was 3-13 last season. New York was 8-8. So, fired Jets coach Bruce Coslet apparently fits perfectly into the Bengals plans for 1994.

″Bruce’s strengths are clear. He’s a solid coach who has been in the league for a long time,″ said Bengals coach Dave Shula, who’s traying to lure Coslet to Cincinnati as an offensive coordinator.

The Bengals had one of the NFL’s worst offenses last season. The offensive line was ineffective, and quarterback David Klingler struggled in his first full season as a starter.

Shula said he planned to meet with Coslet Monday or Tuesday in Mobile, Ala., where coaches gathered to scout the Senior Bowl.

Coslet, 47, played eight seasons for the Bengals, serving as captain of special teams, and coached nine seasons for the team. He rose to the rank of offensive coordinator under former Bengals coach Sam Wyche before becoming head coach of the Jets starting in 1990.

″I said all along that I wanted to stay in coaching,″ Coslet said. ″I don’t care if it’s as a coordinator, a special teams coach, or coaching the quarterbacks.″


TOKYO (AP) - Call it the curse of gravity. Call it simple physics. Call it the toll taken by carrying a quarter-ton body into the sumo ring every day for more than a decade.

Despite all that, American Salevaa Atisanoe, the biggest wrestler sumo has ever known, doesn’t appear to be calling it quits.

The 576-pound Atisanoe, whom the Japanese fans call Konishiki, on Monday finally wwon after losing eight consecutive matches, and now he’s got a chance to regain his former lofty status as ″ozeki,″ or champion.

″I’m still as strong as anyone out there,″ the giant from Honolulu told Japanese reporters after losing his eighth bout in as many days Sunday. ″I’ll drop out on the 24th.″

He was joking. The current tournament, one of six 15-day tournaments held each year, ends on Jan. 23.

Nevertheless, rumors of the wrestler’s impending retirement continue to swirl through the Japanese media.

According to the most widely circulated theory, the 30-year-old Atisanoe is holding off on retirement until the government approves his request for citizenship. He filed his naturalization papers nearly a year ago.


LONDON (AP) - British bookmakers are picking the Dallas Cowboys to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Ladbrokes, the country’s largest bookmakers, on Monday made the Cowboys 6-5 favorites to win Super XXVIII. The San Francisco 49ers, Dallas’ opponent in Sunday’s NFC title game, are 7-4.

″Whichever wins the NFC conference game will be a hot order for the Super Bowl itself,″ spokesman Paul Austin said.

The Buffalo Bills are 5-1, while the Kansas City Chiefs are the long shots 13-2.


MATTYDALE, N.Y. (AP) - The historical significance was pretty much lost on 25-year-old insurance agent Penny Levos. She won.

In the first sanctioned boxing match ever between women in New York, Levos won a three-round decision over 23-year-old Michelle Wafer.

″I really thought she was going to win,″ Levos said. ″She’s got two years’ martial arts training. I was more nervous about what she was going to do.″

Both fighters looked uneasy in the opening seconds as about 300 people looked on. Then Levos dominated with a flurry of hard punches, mostly to Wafer’s head.

″The first time she hit me, I knew she couldn’t hurt me,″ Levos said.

″She hit me a lot harder than I expected,″ said Wafer.

Wafer, who wants to pursue a pro kick-boxing career, wasn’t discouraged by the loss. She said it showed her what she needs to work on, and more importantly, it may open doors for more women.

″I might have been more discouraged if we didn’t make such a statement,″ Wafer said. ″Tons of women came up to me afterward and said they wanted to get involved and they were too afraid to before. I can’t wait to do it again.″

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