James Carville: Democratic wave ‘dissipating’

November 7, 2018

Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville said early results from Tuesday’s midterm elections suggest the vaunted blue Democratic wave is not materializing.

“I see the chances of a wave election dissipating every time I take another look at the [election] board,” Mr. Carville told MSNBC as the results came in.

Mr. Carville, an architect of Bill Clinton’s election in1992, said he had felt “confident, even cocky” Tuesday morning before the votesbegan tocome in, but cited the difficult fight for Democrats in the Florida Senate and governor’s races as signs a massive shift to the Democrats some analysts had predicted was not coming to pass.

Mr. Carville said there was still a good chance Democrats could re-take control of the House of Representatives but that the majority will not be large.

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