Your Turn: Oct. 1

September 30, 2018

Pure expediencyRe: “Which Ted is it?” Your Turn, Sept. 23:Jesse Ortiz is very surprised to hear that Sen. Ted Cruz is having President Donald Trump come to Texas to campaign for him.It’s party and politics, Jesse. The Republicans will be destroyed if the Democrats take over the House. They don’t want that to happen. To keep the Republican base, President Trump would campaign for Bernie Sanders if he was a Republican.Just saying, but it is the truth!Shirley SwiftDoesn’t add upThe liberal Democrats are going crazy over accusations by a woman that Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her over three decades ago. Yet this is the same group of liberals who are fighting for the rights of transgender men to go into female restrooms and locker rooms with women and little girls in them.Something just doesn’t add up, even with the new modern math.Robert WiseAnd they laughedThe United Nations was founded in October 1945 to unite countries around the world to prevent another global war. Starting with only 51 countries, there are now 193. Since then, every U.S. president has worked to exert a positive influence with the U.N. and with our allies, speaking out about countries that abuse their citizens and are threats to others.Donald Trump, speaking directly to the U.N. last week, claimed that his administration had accomplished more than any other previous one! Many of the leaders broke out laughing. These leaders are not fools. They are aware of his policies on immigration, Muslims, Social Security, Medicare and guns, and his alleged collusion with Russia. These are not “accomplishments.”He has also said that the U.S. will no longer tell other countries how to run their affairs. Trump is legitimizing dictators around the world.He’s reducing our power in our country and in the world. We may laugh at him, but shouldn’t we also worry because of his lack of understanding of our leadership role in the world? His ignorance is dangerous.Adam Castillo

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