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BC-GA--Georgia Weekend Items,ADVISORY, GA

November 30, 2018


Here’s a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for this weekend - Dec. 1 to Dec. 2.

Moving Saturday


SAVANNAH, Ga. — Georgia voters are heading back to the polls for two statewide runoff elections a month after the midterms. Republican state Rep. Brad Raffensperger faces former Democratic congressman John Barrow in a Tuesday runoff for Georgia’s next secretary of state. Meanwhile, Republican Chuck Eaton is seeking re-election to the utility regulating Public Service Commission. He faces Democrat Lindy Miller. By Russ Bynum. UPCOMING: 650 words.


SPRINGFIELD, Ga. — A true crime series that’s filming near Georgia’s coast has drawn complaints from neighbors about vehicles speeding by their houses to reach the set. Effingham County Commissioner Phil Kieffer says the county needs an ordinance regulating filming locations. Kieffer said he learned that “The Act” was filming when 14 building facades were set up for background scenes, and neighbors complained about the speeding.

Information from The Savannah Morning News. UPCOMING: 300 words.

Moving Sunday


Researchers are donning wetsuits and wading into north Georgia streams to conduct an underwater search for giant salamanders known as hellbenders. The effort is part of a survey designed to get a sense of the state of the hellbender in the north Georgia mountains. WABE Radio reports that scientists have come to realize that the big salamanders might be in peril — and the federal government is now considering whether to protect them.

Information from WABE Radio. UPCOMING: 350 words.

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Moving Saturday


SNELLVILLE, Ga. — The Big House has seen better days. Thomas Livsey, the unofficial mayor of these parts, admits he has too. Not fond of walking or standing any more than necessary, he sits side-saddle in the driver’s seat of his champagne-colored Pontiac, ready to talk about things that were and things that might be. The house — for two centuries the hub of this southern tip of Gwinnett County known as The Promised Land — looms over his shoulder.

By Tyler Estep. The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Moving Sunday


MACON, Ga. — Walking through some of Macon’s most prominent structures, the history flows through the halls, but few people hear the story of the man responsible for those buildings and the beauty they still possess. Tony Long has been involved with painting and maintaining buildings since the 1950s, and he has won many awards for his preservation efforts including the Excellence in Preservation award at the annual Georgia Trust Preservation Awards ceremony in 2017.

By Jenna Eason. The Macon Telegraph.

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