Special report from the Mexican border: Coming Sunday

February 6, 2019

Special report from the Mexican border: Coming Sunday

NOGALES, Ariz – In the world of politics, President Donald Trump says there is a crisis at the border - of illegal immigration, crime and drug trafficking - that can be solved only by construction of a border wall.

Plain Dealer reporter Michael Sangiacomo and photographer Lisa DeJong spent a week on the border in Nogales, Ariz. and Nogales, Mexico to learn what the reality is.

They found a different story, where local law enforcement says illegal immigration and crime is down, but where thousands of people, many with their families from Mexico and Central America, await their chance at a better life in the United States.

They talked with the weary migrants, met with charity workers, including some from Ohio, who work on both sides of the border at shelters and feeding centers. They also followed Samaritans into the harsh Sonoran Desert, where they try to keep illegal immigrants from dying by leaving water for them.

While they found small evidence of drug smuggling in the desert and talked with men awaiting a chance to jump the border illegally, their reporting revealed a stark gap between politics and reality on the border. Read their report Sunday on Cleveland.com and in an eight-page special section in The Plain Dealer.

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