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Quotes From Monday’s Summit Activities With AM-Summit Rdp Bjt

May 30, 1988

MOSCOW (AP) _ Here are quotes from events Monday during the summit meetings between President Reagan and Mikhail S. Gorbachev.


″It’s time my friend, it’s time,″ quoting the pre-revolutionary Russian writer Pushkin as he sounded the human rights theme.


″But I already know it is you who have strengthened me. You have given me a message to carry back: While we press for human rights through diplomatic channels, you press with your very lives, day in, day out, year after year, risking your jobs, your homes, your all.″ At a meeting with dissidents.


″The faith of your people has been tested and tempered in the crucible of hardship. But in that suffering, it has grown strong.″ To Russian Orthodox monks at Danilov Monastery.



″Both sides don’t have a very good idea of what the real situation in the Soviet Union and the United States (is).″ At a photo opportunity with Reagan before their second meeting.


″Our program is more democracy, more glasnost, more social justice with full prosperity and high moral standards. Our goal is maximum freedom for man, for the individual, and for society.″ At a state dinner at the Kremlin.


″We want to build contacts among people in all forms, to expand and improve the quality of information, and to develop ties in the spheres of science, culture, education, sports, and any other human endeavor. But this should be done without interfering in domestic affairs, without sermonizing, or imposing one’s views and ways, without turning family or personal problems into a pretext for confrontation between states.″ At the Kremlin dinner.

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