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Widowed Weeks After Wedding, She Hopes To Have Baby With Sperm Of Dead Hubby

June 3, 1994

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ A woman who had been married only two weeks when her husband was killed in a car wreck says she hopes to get pregnant using sperm collected hours after he died.

″I loved him,″ Pam Maresca said Thursday. ″I want more than anything else for a piece of him to live on.″

She and Manny Maresca, a University of Central Florida student, were married May 4. Two weeks later, he suffered serious head injuries when he lost control of his car on a curvy, rain-slicked road.

When he was declared brain dead the next day, his family had his sperm surgically removed and frozen. It was only the second time that such a procedure has been done in the United States, according to Dr. Mark Jutras, a fertility specialist in Orlando. No child has been born in the previous case.

Mrs. Maresca said she may wait a year or more before trying to start the family she and her husband had discussed minutes before the crash.

The baby would be conceived by micro-insemination: a single healthy sperm isolated and combined with one of Mrs. Maresca’s eggs in a laboratory. If the egg is fertilized, the embryo will be implanted in Mrs. Maresca’s uterus. But the odds of success are only about 30 percent.

Maresca’s family is hopeful.

″My son loved Pam, and he loved children,″ said Maresca’s mother, Leslie, a notary public who performed their wedding in her back yard. ″This is what he would have wanted. I know it.″

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