Florence’s Counseling Center offers wide range of services to its clients

July 15, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. — The Counseling Center of Florence looks to provide needed services to those in the community who might not be able to get them otherwise.

The Counseling Center of Florence, at 616 Coit St., was opened by Dr. David Kahn and administrative director Marlena Hanna-Lownsberry on Feb. 14, 2000.

Kahn said it was a passion of his to help those who may not have insurance or whose insurance may not pay for counseling to get the help they need.

“We wanted to bring a concept of quality counseling that serviced all of the community,” Kahn said. “We opened a counseling center and immediately began to look for ways to open the door for clientele that couldn’t typically have reach to private practices.”

The center provides counseling for all ages in all areas, including alcohol and drug addiction, depression and anxiety, blended family issues, changes in life, depression, premarital counseling and more.

Hanna-Lownsberry said the center looks at each individual case.

“We don’t just assign a counselor. We look at the specific need of that client and match that with the talents of our counselor,” Hanna-Lownsberry said. “Sometimes our counselors will work together with families. For us, it’s very important that the client is tagged with the right person that can get them the help they need. Every once in a while, that’s not us. If it’s not us, we do everything in our power to refer them to the place they need that will get them the best help as possible.”

In addition to his work at The Counseling Center, Dr. Kahn provides training locally, statewide and occasionally nationally. He offers supervision at the state level for the Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services and is a professor at Webster University and adjunct at Francis Marion University.

Kahn said the center promotes the idea that everything falls under “All One Life.” The slogan is referring to the fact that everything in a person’s life — job, family, individual decisions, health and nutrition — all connect together, Kahn said.

Because of that, the Counseling Center has a nutritionist on staff who can look at how nutrition is not only affecting a client’s physical health, but also mental health. The counseling center can provide a “hair test” that will tell what nutrients a person’s body is lacking or getting too much of.

“By looking at it as ‘all one life,’ we are really helping people be successful in that one life,” Kahn said.

Hanna-Lownsberry said the Counseling Center serves as a way for young counselors to begin their careers and get the training they need under other experienced counselors.

“We’re extremely blessed to have the talent that we have as a staff,” Hanna-Lownsberry said. “From the front of the office to the back, it’s a team effort. I truly believe everyone on our staff cares about our patients. There really is something magical about the team we have. Different personalities and different strengths come together and we will meet for a morning prayer to pray for our clients, staff and for us all to be willing to help everyone that comes through. Everybody’s concern is the same and that is helping our clients.”

The center is involved in charity work and looks for opportunities to be a part of the community.

Kahn said the best part is being able to give clients a new outlook on life.

“The greatest thing is when people actually make progress and they apply the info and resources that we give them and apply it in their lives,” Kahn said. “They know that they are more equipped to manage stresses and problems when they walk out and they know they have the freedom to come back at any time.”

For more information, contact the Counseling Center of Florence at 843-673-0054.

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