Five interesting facts about Christmas food

December 25, 2018

Crackers originally a holiday treat

Animal crackers were introduced first around Christmastime in 1902. The string on the box was originally intended to be used to hang the boxes on Christmas trees.

Grilling the goodies

Christmas comes midsummer in Australia, and most Aussies actually prepare their Christmas dinner on the barbie.

A high calorie count

Between the wine, mixed nuts, multiple helpings of turkey and sides, pie, cheese and booze, Christmas Day consumption can add up to more than 7,000 calories per person, according to one study.

A long shelf life

The fruitcake is a common (put perhaps unpopular) Christmas gift that has staying power. They originally were baked at the end of harvest season and saved to be eaten at the beginning of harvest season the next year for good luck.

Candy canes kept kids quiet

Legend has it candy canes were invented in 1670 with the purpose of keeping children quiet during church services.

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