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Man accused of stabbing, pouring bleach on caged raccoons

August 8, 2019

NEW MILFORD, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey man who police say stabbed two raccoons and poured liquid bleach on the animals he’d trapped in a cage is facing animal cruelty charges.

Patrick Biondo tells the North Jersey Record he’s been trying to get rid of the raccoons that have been covering his deck in feces over the past year.

Officials say the raccoons recovered Tuesday needed to be put down because of their extensive injuries.

The New Milford man says he’s captured three other raccoons since August 2018 and left them in cages until they died of starvation.

Biondo says authorities weren’t helpful when he asked about deterrence methods and relocation.

A senior animal control officer says Biondo had been advised to contact state wildlife authorities for relocation information.

Biondo denies he was told that.

He’s due in court Aug. 14.

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