Stubbs has right experience to serve -- Kathleen Falk

August 5, 2018

When I was Dane County executive, Shelia Stubbs and I worked together on important issues -- such as cleaning up our lakes, improving services for people with disabilities and seniors, and helping move kids out of poverty.

I counted on Shelia. She is thoughtful, passionate and knowledgeable. She shares my values and priorities. She knows how to work collaboratively. And she knows how to get results.

That’s why she has earned my support for State Assembly. Shelia is running to fill the big shoes left by Terese Berceau who is retiring, and who has also endorsed Shelia.

Because there is no Republican running, whomever wins the primary Aug. 14 will be the next state representative. As is often the case in primaries, there are multiple fine candidates to choose from in this race. Shelia’s life experience and her proven record on the County Board -- particularly on reducing racial disparities -- are what we need right now in the Legislature.

Please join with me in supporting her on Aug. 14.

Kathleen Falk, Madison, former Dane County executive

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