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Officials Say Woman’s Bullets Killed Ex-Husband 26 Years Later

February 11, 1985

MIAMI (AP) _ A woman whose ex-husband died as a result of a gunshot wound she inflicted 26 years ago probably will not face charges in the death, but authorities say they still need to talk to her.

″We’ll present the case to the state attorney’s office,″ said homicide Sgt. David Rivers. ″Right now, it doesn’t look like there is going to be any prosecution.″

Isaiah Wilcox, 61, died Jan. 23 from an infection that ″was a direct result of the gunshot wounds″ inflicted by Lillie Wilcox, 58, who divorced him several years ago, Dade County Chief Deputy Medical Examiner Charles Wetli said Saturday. Authorities said they are treating the death as a homicide.

″We want to find her. We need her account of what happened that day,″ Metro-Dade homicide Detective Rex Remley said.

Mrs. Wilcox, 32 at the time of the shooting, shot her husband on July 9, 1959, ″when he started beating their children,″ according to a police investigation at the time of the shooting.

Only if premeditation existed, making it first-degree murder, could Mrs. Wilcox face any charges now, police say. On any lesser offense, such as second-degree murder, manslaughter or assualt, the statue of limitations has long since elapsed.

Wilcox, then 35, didn’t press charges and seemed to recover after major surgery and 36 days in the hospital.

But Wetli said scar tissue from the surgery formed adhesions that looped around part of Wilcox’s intestine, causing an obstruction, severe pain and infection.

″This type of complication is reasonable and foreseeable consequence of gunshot wounds in the abdomen,″ he said.

Remley believes Mrs. Wilcox is in southern Florida. When services were held for Wilcox last month, her name was among those listed in the guest book at the funeral home, he said.

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