A-K Valley football Q&A with Leechburg’s Bret Kardos

November 12, 2018

Leechburg senior Bret Kardos isn’t a running back, a wide receiver, a quarterback or even a linebacker. He’s just a football player who has the flexibility to line up in all of those spots and get the job done.

Kardos made an impact last week in Leechburg’s 28-0 nonconference win over Bentworth. The 5-foot-10, 190-pounder rushed for 158 yards and a touchdown in the win.

“Bret is just a football player, and he loves the game,” Leechburg coach Mark George said. “I would definitely agree that he is the full package.”

The “full package” has rushed for 403 yards through nine games this season. He leads Leechburg (4-5, 1-4) in receiving with 18 receptions. He played quarterback in the Blue Devils’ loss against Eastern Conference rival Imani Christian and completed a 43-yard touchdown pass to teammate Nico Venanzio to put Leechburg on the board.

“Bret is the type of kid that does a lot of things very well,” George said.

Kardos might even be a bigger force from his inside linebacker position, where he leads the team in solo tackles (56) and assists (31). He also has two quarterback sacks.

“Bret knows the importance of his game, and Bret knows that this could quite possibly be the last game he plays football,” George said.

How did it feel to have a big game and get the shutout win over Bentworth last week?

It felt good. It was good to know that we could come together as a team.

What’s the buzz like around the locker room this week?

It’s been a lot better throughout the locker room, and its been a lot better around the school, as well.

What’s special about this year’s team?

We all came back from the previous year and going 0-10. We’re looking to get our fifth victory. What’s special about us is bringing our team from 0-10 the year before to a higher-tiered team this year.

How important is it for this team to finish with a 5-5 record?

Right now, we’re already making history, so for us to get this 5-5 record, Leechburg hasn’t done for quite a long time, so to start a tradition.

What does it mean to finish the season strong?

Throughout my high school carer, I’ve only won three games coming into this year.

How big is this Friday’s game at Springdale?

It’s a pretty big game being that we already have a rivalry with Springdale, and they beat us the past few years. It would really mean a lot to us. We’re already excited for Friday night. It’s just like the Apollo-Ridge game.

What do the Blue Devils need to do to get the win over the rival Dynamos?

It’s a team sport. I believe that we’re a very talented team. I believe everybody on the field needs to do their jobs.

Which position do you like playing more, running back or inside linebacker?

I think I like running back more because there’s a little bit more glory out of it. I like scoring touchdowns.

What’s the strength of his year’s team?

Our defense is really good. Our team is still very young, and they have a lot to build on for the future.

What’s your best attribute as a running back?

Through the offseason, a big thing that helped me out a lot was working out, going to the gym and really pushing myself when the football season wasn’t there, really helped.

Why do you wear the No. 4?

It’s a funny story. I didn’t originally plan on being No. 4. I originally played quarterback when I came up through and No. 4 was the only (number) they really had to offer.

What is your favorite pregame meal?

I don’t have one. We get meals from our gridiron club. They make us dinner before the game, and whatever they make us I eat before.

Who is your favorite professional running back?

Probably James Conner because I like the Steelers.

Do you have a nickname?

Nothing that the football team calls me, but my parents call me the “Hitman.” I was named after Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Who has the best nickname on the team?

Our center Jacob Shaw’s nickname is the “X-Man.”

What are your plans for after high school?

Probably attend a college. Physical therapy.

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