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Videotaped Shooter Convicted

January 13, 1998

WILMINGTON, Ohio (AP) _ A jury convicted a 21-year-old man of attempted murder for a shootout with authorities that was videotaped by a recorder mounted in a police cruiser.

Cheyne Kehoe of Colville, Wash., was also found guilty late Monday on two assault counts and a weapons charge. The jury acquitted him of a second attempted murder charge.

Prosecutors will ask that Kehoe get the maximum sentence of 27 1/2 years in prison, prosecutor Rick Moyer said today.

Police stopped Kehoe and his 25-year-old brother, Chevie, in Wilmington on Feb. 15, 1997, for having expired license plates.

Prosecutors said Cheyne Kehoe fired at state trooper John Harold Harker and Clinton County deputy sheriff Robert Gates from inside the vehicle. Kehoe then ran away, while his brother drove off. The brother allegedly also fired at police minutes later and faces his own trial next month.

No one was injured except a passing motorist hit by a bullet fragment.

On the witness stand Saturday and Monday, Cheyne Kehoe said he did not aim at the officers and only returned their fire to give himself a chance to flee.

``I’m really scared, and I just want to get away,″ Kehoe told the jury. ``I don’t know why the officer is firing at me.″

Prosecutors repeatedly showed the jury the videotape of the gunfight.

Cheyne Kehoe surrendered in June and told authorities where to find Chevie, in Utah. He accused Chevie of wanting to rob an armored car and wanting to kill their parents to get to their father’s gun collection.

A federal grand jury in Little Rock, Ark., indicted Chevie and two other men last month on charges they planned to revolt against the U.S. government and create the Aryan Peoples Republic, where citizenship would be limited to certain white people.

Chevie Kehoe and another man were also charged with the 1996 killings of Arkansas gun dealer William Mueller, his wife and 8-year-old stepdaughter.

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