LETTER: ‘I am appalled that we tolerate this’

November 18, 2018

We are all weary of election ads and political talk except for those like myself who enjoy politics. However, since I may be in the minority I am asking that we all stay alert and involved. I fear many are immune to President Trump’s sarcasm, rudeness, lies and shaming. Or even sadder than that may be that some approve of his tactics.

Listening to his most recent press conference and comments since then I am appalled that we tolerate this. Please think back to President Obama’s and President Bush’s presidencies. If we heard those comments from them we would not have stood for it. When we hear Trump refer to a reporter’s question as stupid, see him remove press passes and hear his hurtful personal remarks we need to be consistently alarmed. I fear many have accepted this behavior and say, “Oh, that’s just Trump.”

Please don’t accept this. If your boss talked to you in this manner or your teacher treated your child this way you would take immediate action. I repeat, please stay involved. Our efforts to encourage kindness and acceptance in our youth can be difficult when the man who holds the most powerful position in our country demonstrates daily the opposite of these traits. - Julie Berens, Sioux City

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