Cleveland ISD hears feedback about potential $250M bond

February 12, 2019

Cleveland ISD is starting to hear advice from their stakeholders about its next superintendent.

The school board held meetings with Cleveland ISD employees and the community on Feb. 5 to hear opinions to gain a greater understanding of the qualities the stakeholders would like to see in the superintendent to replace Darell Myers, who will retire after this school year.

During the employee meeting and the community meeting people discussed the positives and negative things about the school district. Also, what they wanted to see improve in the district as well.

Jennifer Rogers, who has taught at Cleveland High School for five years, attended the meeting to voice her opinion on the next superintendent.

“I would like to see a superintendent who definitely puts teachers and students first just like Dr. Myers has,” Rogers said. “We have a lot of growth and expansion going on and we’re definitely going to need bigger facilities, and we’re going to need more security. We have such a larger population of students and they ask about their safety. We do drills on how to be protective, but we need more security in the buildings with limited access to the entrances and exits.”

More facilities may be on the way with the school district to propose a bond in May for an estimated $225-250 millions dollars.

If the bond passes a new middle school is expected to be built and depending on the enrollment in the summer, a new high school and elementary school could be on the way too.

As of Jan. 23 the school district is 12 students from gaining 1,000 new students in the 2018-2019 school year.

“We work well with our students,” Rogers said. “Our kids are really great. We need more supplies and Dr. Meyers knows that. If I have 32 students in my classroom then I need 32 laptops. Some of my students might have to share and that’s what we have to do. Dr. Myers is aware of what the teachers need.”

Rogers has enjoyed working with Myers the last five years and wants to make sure the same passion is in the next superintendent.

“Dr. Myers is really an innovator and that’s how our school district has become,” Rogers said. “He has set up some great committees that allows us to voice our opinions as teachers. We just want to make sure that we continue to grow as a district and improve. I would like someone who knows what is going on with the school district and that can help us. A lot of decisions have to be made about the future of our district.”


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