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War Hero Urges Investigation of Army Commander With PM-UN-Yugoslavia, Bjt

March 20, 1993

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ Amid one of the biggest enemy offensives of the Bosnian war, a popular former officer is urging a government probe of the military and its commander.

Armin Pohara, who became a hero for leading resistance to Serb attacks in northern Bosnia at the start of the year-old war, says a special commission should be formed to examine such issues as why the army had not managed to break the siege of Sarajevo or prevent Serbs from overrunning villages in eastern Bosnia earlier this month.

Pohara’s call was reported briefly Friday in the daily newspaper Oslobodjenje, but no details were given. Bosnian radio also reported the story.

The office of Gen. Sefer Halilovic, the army chief, refused to respond to specific issues Pohara raised in his letter. Halilovic said Pohara’s motive was personal revenge.

Pohara said the government should pursue a serious investigation and make the findings public.

Pohara was based in the northern city of Bosanski Brod at the start of the war and later became a member of the Bosnia army’s high command council. He served as the army’s chief liaison with the Croatian Defense Council, the army of Bosnia’s Croats.

Many Sarajevans, when speaking privately, say they lack confidence in Halilovic. One reason is the failure to break the siege; another is that Halilovic comes from the Sandzak region of Serbia, a bastion of Muslims who are more militant than Sarajevo’s Muslims.

There are fears in Sarajevo that Muslims who have come there from Sandzak will gain a disproportionate share of power in Bosnia.

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