FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) _ At least 100,000 university students participated Thursday in the biggest demonstrations of a weeks-old campaign for more government funding.

Police said some 45,000 students marched through Duesseldorf to the North Rhine Westphalia state parliament where they gathered to air their complaints. Thirty were arrested after they blocked a busy highway.

In Berlin, some 30,000 students, many wearing skeleton costumes and carrying mock caskets bearing the ``remains of a dead education,'' marched from the Brandenburg Gate to city hall. Smaller demonstrations took place in Hanover, Hamburg, Mainz and Kiel.

The students are demanding more money to modernize Germany's outmoded university buildings, establish more student grants and buy updated textbooks. They also want political assurances that tuition-free higher education will continue.

About 1.8 million students fill German universities designed to take only half as many. Budgets are strapped in Germany's 16 states, which own the universities and pay 90 percent of the costs. Federal funding covers the rest.