New Hampshire court issues order in civil rights case at inn

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire court is ordering an inn manager accused of shoving a couple she thought were Muslim after getting into a dispute over a refund not to threaten anyone based on their religion.

The Friday order from the Carroll County Superior Court comes in the case of Priscilla Protasowicki , (Prah’tah’SWICKI) whose family runs the Covered Bridge Riverview Lodge, in Jackson.

A civil complaint filed by the attorney general’s office alleges that in April Protasowicki assaulted the couple originally from Morocco.

The civil rights case is separate from a misdemeanor criminal assault case.

Protasowicki said Saturday her new lawyer is asking for a new hearing. She also says she has “no objections to Muslims at all” and disputes some of the statements attributed to her.