Melodrama at Little Theater

July 15, 2018

The cast of “Dogsbreath Devereaux: The Dastardly Doctor or…Nurses! Foiled Again!”, which is playing at the American Falls Little Theater July 16, 20, 21 and 23.

A melodrama is some of the most involved and hilarious theater. It is a time to overact and make puns. The cast of “Dogsbreath Devereaux: The Dastardly Doctor or…Nurses! Foiled Again!”, by Billy St. John, did a marvelous job creating the world of Hanover D. Cash Clinic (say it quick and you’ll laugh). The American Falls Little Theater is the perfect venue for a melodrama and Mike Fabian directed a fantastic group of kids in this zany production.

Dr. Dogsbreath Deveraux is running the Hanover D. Cash Clinic after Hanover passed away. He plans to marry Hanover’s widow, Lotta Cash. After the wedding, he wants to kill her to gain control of the Clinic and finances, but a new nurse Wendy March throws a wrench into his dastardly plan. She is an orphan, who just possibly is the long lost granddaughter of Lotta. Between tap dancing nurses and patients with painful wounds, the entire clinic is a lot of fun.

The stage looked like a medical clinic. White walls and medical beds, feeling clean and yet not clean. The desk was centralized and at different angles allowing for a lot of area to play on. The costumes were reminiscent of a doctor’s office. I know many costumes and pieces were donated. The community pulls together for the theater.

Dogsbreath was played by Troy Kendall and he was really funny. Hilda Hatchet was played by MaKenna Sparks, her eyebrows and demeanor made her a lot of fun to watch. Wendy March was played by Savannah Lawrence, she was the sweet heroine and did a great job. Ivy Dripp was played by Emma Jo Kendall. Dr. Phil Good was played by Chance Morgan. Lotta Cash was played by Tamara Taylor. The rest of the cast was Ryan Wilson, Mattilin Rose, Danny Whisman, Tori Eldredge, Raelynn Wilson, Chester Reynolds, Angela Wolter, Justina Taylor, AJ Carter, Lacy Eldredge, Christian Hegstrom, Mike Fabian (PA Voice), and Hannah Reynolds. This cast did a lot of work to pull this production off. They looked like they were having a lot of fun on stage and it showed through in their performance.

Community Theater is a special part of the community. Talented individuals come together to show love for the theater. The American Falls Little Theater is just that, a group of people have created the world of the Hanover D. Cash Clinic, and have opened the doors to everyone. I highly recommend seeing this production. One gets the chance to throw popcorn at the villain and cheer for the hero. It’s a perfect venue for the summer.

Emily Thornton is currently working on her Masters in Communication at ISU. She enjoys writing, racing after her son and playing games with her husband.

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