Democrats want to destroy Kavanaugh -- Timothy Lauri

October 5, 2018

I was raised in a family of Democrats. My father was a Democratic state senator in the 1950s and was personal friends with the leading Democrats and Republicans of the day.

In those days, both parties defended our great American liberties and believed in fair play, decency and equal justice for all. Today, my father and those great men are turning over in their graves, particularly those past great Democrats.

The Democratic Party of today has been hijacked by Marxist social philosophy and Machiavellian methods. The party is now dominated by people who engage in behavior that is indecent, underhanded, cruel and evil. They are comfortable in lying and subverting, perverting and obverting truth to achieve their ends. They now seek to demonize, delegitimize and destroy their opponents by any means necessary.

The latest example is this whole Brett Kavanaugh episode where they seek to cruelly destroy a brilliant jurist of high moral character and impeccable integrity because they believe he will impede their agenda. I hope and trust the majority of us will find within us the decency and common sense to see these demonizing cruel meanies for what they truly are: wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Timothy Lauri, Madison

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