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September 20, 1991

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) _ U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson, a frequent critic of the American media, is writing a book on the First Amendment, politics and the press, and he says it won’t be pretty.

″It will be very different from what the press perceives itself to be, I assure you that,″ the Wyoming Republican said.

Simpson has tangled with nationally syndicated columnist Jack Anderson and called CNN reporter Peter Arnett an Iraqi sympathizer for broadcasting from Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. He later apologized to Arnett.

Despite such criticism, Simpson is sought out by reporters for his blunt language and quick wit.


WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) - Wanted to rent: rustic lakeside home with view of snow-capped mountains. Call Kevin Costner, Hollywood, Calif.

Actually, it’s the state Film and Video Office that’s in the market for such real estate, as it tries to woo Costner and Whitney Houston to Washington for the movie ″Body Guard,″ which is to begin filming in March.

Film office spokesman Jim Boyle said the movie’s producers reportedly found a cabin they like in Oregon, but are giving Washington a chance to come up with a better one before they make their decision where to film next week.

Boyle says set designers can have the house built if need be, but the snow- capped mountains and lake are non-negotiable.


SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain (AP) - ″Psycho″ starAnthony Perkins is to receive this year’s Donostia Prize for lifetime achievement at the 39th annual San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Jane Seymour, Claudia Cardinale, Klaus Kinski and Malcolm McDowell were among the stars who turned out for the festival’s opening Thursday in this Basque resort town.

Over the next nine days films by such directors as Dany Levi of Switzerland, Bruce McDonald of Canada, Wojciech Marczewski of Poland and Sergei Snezhkin of the Soviet Union will be up for prizes.

The festival will also present such American films as ″Boyz ’n the Hood″ and ″Barton Fink.″

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Things just haven’t been the same in Baltimore since the Colts packed up and moved to Indiana, says novelist Tom Clancy, who is putting up $100,000 to try to lure a new professional football team to his hometown.

Clancy, 44, said Thursday he grew up watching the Colts and that a part of him left with the team when owner Robert Irsay moved it to Indianapolis before the 1984 season.

The 28-team National Football League is planning to add two franchises in 1994. Clancy, who wrote ″The Hunt for Red October,″ said he’ll pay the city’s $100,000 franchise application fee, due next week.

The author would like to be the majority owner of a new team, but says the main thing is that Baltimore get a team, no matter who runs it.

″This is something that I really want to do for the town I grew up in,″ he said.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Jim Palmer has made a good living pitching baseballs and underwear. Now he’s going to try his hand at pitching ideas.

The Hall of Famer said Wednesday he will begin filming a 30-minute talk show called ″Living Today″ on Sept. 30.

Palmer, who pitched for the Baltimore Orioles and now appears in ads for Jockey underwear, said the daily show will deal with the same kinds of topics that Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue and Geraldo Rivera cover, but will do it ″a little more lightheartedly.″

Producer Samuel Maturo said he he hopes to announce a syndication deal shortly and have the show on the air next year.


LAS VEGAS (AP) - Singer Robert Goulet was resting comfortably after being hospitalized with stomach pains.

Goulet, who was admitted to Desert Springs Hospital early Thursday, suffered an intestinal blockage, said hospital spokesman Ned Barnett.

″He is in good condition and resting comfortably,″ Barnett said.

″Hopefully in a couple of days, he’ll be home,″ Goulet’s wife, Vera, said by phone from his hospital room.

Goulet, 57, rose to fame playing Sir Lancelot in the 1960s Broadway musical ″Camelot″ with Richard Burton and Julie Andrews. He also appears in movies and on television and frequently performs in Las Vegas, where he lives.