Orchids and Onions: Monday, November 12, 2018

November 12, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the place serving bogus hash browns. They appeared to be synthetic like those out of a box. Real hash browns have a golden color. These were cream colored and greasy. Start using real hash browns or lose me and the wife as customers!

Onions to the voting process. If you want your vote counted don’t vote absentee or early. I have for years and after checking, my vote was received but does not show that it was counted. This is not right!

Orchids to Tony at Riverview auto for great service and going out of his way for me. You need a car, go see him.

Onions to the appliance store that uses its home for an appliance storage lot. Won’t be getting any of my business.

Orchids to Lesa and Octane Wine Garage! The venue is a true gem. They have such fun events and it is a great place to catch up with friends. Everyone is so friendly. I always leave with a smile.

Orchids to Dean for buying our lunch at Bad Miguel’s. ’Twas unexpected and kind of you. Jack and Marlene

Orchids to the poll workers on Anita Drive. What a happy, friendly, helpful bunch! And no waits, either!

Orchids to this time of year when even the visiting onion farmers can find nothing – well, not much – wrong with the weather. ‘Ceptin’ maybe the wind.

Orchids to the ladies working in Walgreens photo department. They are knowledgeable and patient with customer’s endless questions.

Onions to whoever is responsible for planning the center divider on Lake Havasu Ave. This will cause major problems when trying to get into the businesses along that street. Why not take the time to fix our streets? Such horrible planning. Plus, why tan rocks along the highway? Such a mess.

Onions to whoever is in charge of trying to keep Havasu nice looking. Way too many boats, cars, dead plants and trash on several properties. Havasu is starting to look like a trash can. So sad to see this when driving down the roads. Plus, why rock areas on highway and then let the weeks grow? Sad.

Onions to the onion about whether to go to church or the Veterans Parade. God is with you every day. The Veterans get one day a year to honor them. I think the choice is obvious.

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