Drain water causing resident issues

May 9, 2019

Dear Editor:

On the south side of the intersection of 300 West 200 South, Mt. Pleasant; Wasatch Academy has installed a culvert, east to west, across 300 West Street. I assume with the permission of Mt. Pleasant City.

This culvert appears to be for the purpose of draining water from Wasatch Academy property.

There is no vegetation on the north side of the house located on that southwest corner, so the drain water is cutting a gully in the soil until it reaches my east property line where there is vegetation.

The run off and silt then spreads, runs through until it reaches the gravel in front of my house, where it then forms a pond.

I’m sure this solves a problem for Wasatch Academy, but presents a huge problem for me. Each storm makes it worse.

Norm Mower

Mt. Pleasant