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Cleanup after wind, hail storm will take time

Ken Smith, WRAL anchor/reporterMay 18, 2019

Four days after high winds swept through Wake County and hail pounded neighborhoods near Fuquay-Varina, people are still cleaning up and assessing the damage on Friday.

“I’ve been through numerous hurricanes here. We’ve had trees down before. I’ve never seen this much debris down,” Lisa Cook said.

Cook’s daughter, Ari Pappas, said driving home after the storm was frightening.

“The hail had come down, and the road was wet, and [with] how humid it was that day, there’s steam all the way across the road, and I couldn’t see 30 feet in front of my car,” Pappas said.

Cook and her family have spent much the week cleaning up, even before she was able to figure out how much repairing storm damage will cost.

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