UNMC warns aging farmers to take care of their body

December 23, 2018

LINCOLN - According to a report from the University of Nebraska Medical Center the average age of America’s farmers is 58 with some working into their 80’s.

Coordinator for the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health Ellen Duysen says aging farmers’ physical changes can include weakened bones, slower reflexes, and memory and hearing loss.

Duysen says it’s also very important that aging farmers make sure their vision is good.

“They tend to develop more cataracts. Especially those of them that work out in the sun a lot tend to have more incidents of cataracts. It’s important to wear sunglasses and protective glasses when doing work on the farm and making sure they have regular checkups.”

Duysen says decreased ability to tolerate heat and cold can also put any aging person at risk, especially farmers.

She says reducing stress, eating a balanced diet, practicing good sleep habits, and drinking ample water are all ways to help reduce aging effects.

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