Carolyn Blackmore; Foster morality, not difficult laws

February 5, 2019

Editor: Jeff Sayer was absolutely correct in his Feb. 1 letter to the editor about abortion. I should have used the phrase “life or health” rather than “life in danger.” Despite that, I still do not believe the New York law will lead to more abortions, or as you suggest a diminished respect for life. I do not doubt the sincerity of those who believe in legally restricting abortions. I just — in general — disagree on that approach. If respect for life could be legislated into existence there would be no murder, no domestic violence, no child abuse, no rape and incest; all of which have been long illegal.

In a pregnancy, the condition of the unborn life (lives) is inextricably tied to the woman involved and the circumstances of the pregnancy. Regardless of what laws are in place, all decisions made during pregnancy are made by individuals and will always be heavily dependent on the circumstances under which a pregnant woman is living and the condition of the child within.

There will always be a tug-of-war between moral beliefs, like respect for live and the human condition. With regard to such a highly individual moral decision as abortion, that tug-of-war will not be ended by putting punitive laws in place. It can be addressed by fostering true morality in our society and within individuals though our families, churches and other social institutions and by improving the human condition.

And I will say it again, if you really want to help stop abortion (legal or illegal) as a society we need to provide access for all to education, affordable healthcare and birth control and address on an individual, nonjudgmental way the unique circumstances and needs surrounding each problematic pregnancy.

Carolyn Blackmore

Lake Havasu City

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