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Published List Of Imprisoned Americans With PM-Soviet-US Prisoners, Bjt

August 1, 1992

MOSCOW (AP) _ Following is a list of 39 people Russian investigators say are Americans who were imprisoned after World War II and may still be alive. It appeared in Rossiiskaya Gazeta and was translated from Russian by The Associated Press.

In addition to the 39, the list refers to unspecified ″children″ for Maria Fedak. Some spellings of names or hometowns are inconsistent but could not be checked.

The article says all 39 had American passports or were born in the United States:

1. Sagatas, Adel Alexandrovna, born 1906, town of Rokiskis, Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic.

2. Berko, Irina (Irene) Mikhailovna, born 1925, town of Braddock, Pa., Ukrainian, lived in the village of Rodatychi, Gorodoksky district, Lvov region.

3. Dovgulevich, Stepan (Stefan) Stepanovich, born 1927, New York, Belarussian, lived in Donetsk region.

4. Fedak, Maria Petrovna, born 1903, U.S.A., (ethnic) Hungarian, and her children, lived in Transcarpathian region.

5. Dragula, Anna Dmitrievna, Transcarpathian region, and her children:

6. Vasily (Charlie) Fyodorovich, born 1923;

7. Fyodor (Frank) Fyodorovich, born 1930;

8. Maria (Mary) Fyodorovna, born 1925;

9. Margarita (Margaret) Fyodorovna, born 1929;

10. Ivan (John) Fyodorovich, born 1928, lived in the town of Mukhachevo, Transcarpathian region.

11. Severinchik, Pavel (Paul) Kirillovich, born 1917, Chicago, lived in the Brest region.

12. Koretskaya (Kolodiy), Maria Vasilievna, born 1919, New York, lived in the village of Slovita, Glinyansky district, Lvov region.

13. Rudyk, Luetta (Lietta), born 1890, Passaic, N.J., lived in the Lvov region.

14. Nikitchik, Daniil (Daniel) Danilovich, born 1936, of Chicago,

15. Nikitchik, Fyodor (brother of Daniil Danilovich), born 1927, of Chicago.

16. Semko, Mikhail (Michael) Ivanovich;

17. Semko, Ivan (Jan) Ivanovich (brother of Mikhail), born 1922, Omrod, U.S.A., lived in the village of Petrichi, Krasnoyarsky district, Lvov region.

18. Ignatyuk, Alexander Andreyevich, born 1910, New York, Belarussian, lived in Brest region.

19. Kesselman, Lenneta (Linnet) Iosifovna, born 1930, New York, lived in the city of Barnaul, brother Bernard;

20. Kisselman, Bernard, lived in the city of Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod).

21. Korishchin (Karizhin), Bogdan Ivanovich, born 1921, New York, lived in the town of Grimailov, Ternopol region.

22. Gitska, Ivan Vasilievich, born 1917;

23. Gitska, Mikhail Vasilievich (brother of Ivan), born 1920, Wilmington, Del., lived in Dragobych region.

24. Krivenko, Yuri (Georgy) Mikhailovich, born 1924, U.S.A., lived in the town of Beregovo, Transcarpathian region.

25. Megits, Vasily (Basil), born 1916, and his brothers:

26. Stepan (Stefan) Dmitrievich, born 1918; of New York, lived in the village of Tarnava, Dobromilsky district, Dragobych region.

27. Fyodor Dmitrievich, born 1920, both of New York, lived in the village of Tarnava, Dobromilsky district, Dragobych region.

28. Kazun, Valentina Vasilievna, born 1933;

29. Kazun, Vladimir Vasilievich (brother of Valentina), born 1935 in the village of Shepets, Ostrinsky rural soviet, Vasilizhkovsky district, Grodno region.

30. Blyakh, Grigory Pavlovich, born 1932 in the village of Strievka, Zbarazhsky district, Ternopol region.

31. Tseslyak, Mechislav Vatslavovich, born 1910, U.S.A., lived in the Grodno region.

32. Kazanskaya, Sofia Vikentievna, born 1913, Detroit, lived in Stryy, Lvov region.

33. Marshall, Iozas (Josef), son of Kazis, born 1897, Utica, N.Y.;

34. Marshall, Paulina, daughter of Antanas, born 1903;

35. Marshall, Aldona (daughter of Paulina and Iozas Marshall), born 1926, lived in the city of Kaunas (Lithuania).

36. Fernandez de la Vega, Francisco Manuelovich, (ethnic) Spanish, born 1915 in U.S.A., lived in Moscow.

37. Yarema (Jarema) John Andreyevich, born 1918 in Irgas, U.S.A., lived in the village of Pyatnitsa, Dobromilsky district, Dragobych region.

38. Yasinskas Francis (Pranas), born 1910, New York, lived in Prensky district, Lithuania.

39. Muller, Ida, born 1893, (ethnic) German.

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