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Poll on Voter Group Preferences

January 13, 2000

Some results concerning the preferences of different voter groups from Voter News Service exit polls on the 1992 and 1996 presidential races and from a recent poll on different voter groups by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. When results don’t total 100 percent, the remainder either didn’t know or refused to answer.



Keys to President Clinton’s victory over Bob Dole

_Women: Clinton, 54 percent; Dole, 38 percent; Perot, 7 percent

_Blacks: Clinton, 84 percent; Dole, 12 percent; Perot, 4 percent

_Hispanics: Clinton, 72 percent; Dole, 21 percent; Perot, 6 percent

_Age 18 to 29: Clinton, 53 percent; Dole, 34 percent; Perot, 10 percent

_Independents: Clinton 43 percent; Dole 35 percent; Perot, 17 percent

_Gays: Clinton 66 percent; Dole 23 percent; Perot, 7 percent


Keys to Bill Clinton’s victory over George Bush

_Women: Clinton, 45 percent; Bush, 38 percent; Perot 17 percent

_Blacks: Clinton, 83 percent; Bush, 10 percent; Perot, 7 percent

_Hispanics: Clinton, 61 percent; Bush, 25 percent; Perot, 14 percent

_Age 18 to 29: Clinton, 43 percent; Bush, 34 percent; Perot, 22 percent

_Age 60 and older: Clinton, 50 percent; Bush, 38 percent; Perot, 12 percent.

_Gays: Clinton, 72 percent; Bush, 14 percent; Perot, 14 percent.

The exit polls by Voter News Service, a partnership of The Associated Press and five television networks, of people leaving hundreds of polling places nationwide had error margins of plus or minus 1 percentage point, higher for subgroups.

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