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Lynn Armandt Reportedly Asked $25,000 for Picture of Rice, Hart

May 31, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ Donna Rice’s friend Lynn Armandt asked for $25,000 from the National Enquirer for a photograph of Rice sitting in Gary Hart’s lap, according to a published report.

The New York Times, citing an unnamed person with knowlege of the negotiations, said in Sunday’s editions that Armandt also said she would sell her exclusive story of the overnight trip to Bimini for $50,000.

The photograph, published on the cover of the tabloid, showed Rice in Hart’s lap, each with an arm around the other. The Enquirer said it was taken during a trip to Bimini by Hart, Rice, Armandt and William Broadhurst, a lawyer and friend of Hart’s.

Amy Karan, a lawyer representing Armandt, has denied that her client gave the photos and story to the tabloid.

Hart dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination amid reports about his relationship with Rice, a model and sometime actress.

The Times said Iain Calder, editor and president of the Enquirer, declined to confirm the information, saying he promised not to disclose the source or price of the photo.

There was no competitive bidding for the rights to the photo, Calder told the newspaper.

Demand was high for the photo, according to Michel G. Bernard, president of Gamma Liaison, which was retained by the Enquirer to market secondary rights to the photo and another picture of the four on a Bimini bandstand.

Bernard told the Times that Paris Match, You magazine in England and Gente in Italy have acquired rights to the photo, as well as magazines in Spain, West Germany and Argentina.

He said at this rate, revenue from secondary rights could reach $100,000 in a month.

On Friday, Miss Rice, through her lawyer, labeled as false the story accompanying the photos, in which an anonymous source quotes her as saying Hart promised to marry her after he was elected president.

″The story in every instance that it purports to quote Ms. Rice is simply not accurate,″ said the lawyer, Tom McAliley.

McAliley said Armandt is ″the only person who had these photographs that I’m aware of. I know for sure. Lynn is in New York ... preparing to go to Europe, spending the National Enquirer money.″

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