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Iowa Legislators Toughen Smoking Rules

January 15, 1987

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ The Iowa House on Wednesday voted to ban smoking in the chamber and in some nearby areas.

″I think we are compelled for the health of our colleagues to refrain from smoking in this room,″ said Rep. David Osterberg of Mount Vernon.

The House approved the tougher smoking rules on a voice vote. Backers of the ban said there is clear evidence that smoking is a health hazard and that secondary smoke is a danger to non-smokers.

Smoking had been banned in the House chamber while lawmakers were in session; the new rule will prohibit smoking in the chamber at any time.

The tougher ban was needed because the House is actually in session a relatively short amount of time each day, with most of lamwakers’ time devoted to party caucuses, committee meetings and other gatherings, Osterberg said.

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