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Mother Wins Lawsuit but Son Doesn’t Get Whipping

August 12, 1992

CLEVELAND, Ga. (AP) _ A judge sided with a 78-year-old woman who said a lifetime of motherly love entitled her to free work by her auto mechanic son, but did not order the whipping she said her son deserved.

Last month, Kenneth Arrowood, 38, sued his mother, Hazel Arrowood, for $2,613, the cost of repairing her pickup.

Mrs. Arrowood countersued, noting that she had not been paid for a lifetime of motherly duty. She asked the court to order the whipping ″I failed to give him as a child.″

Three other sons testified in her behalf.

White County Magistrate Martin Welch on Monday ruled that Mrs. Arrowood did not have to pay for the repair work, but said he lacked jurisdiction to order the whipping.

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