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Poll: Giuliani Marriage Not Private

May 12, 2000

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ A poll out Friday found that eight in 10 New York voters believe Rudolph Giuliani’s marital problems are a private matter.

Eleven percent said the issue is relevant in the Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton and makes them view the mayor negatively as a candidate.

The poll was an indication that in an already close Senate race, voter dissatisfaction over the New York City mayor’s marital problems and concern about his health could become an important factor.

``You don’t need a poll to tell you this is going to hurt him,″ said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac College Polling Institute.

The latest New York Daily News/New York 1 poll found 81 percent of New York voters said Giuliani’s announcement this week that he and his wife were discussing a legal separation was a private matter and had no effect on how they viewed him as a Senate candidate.

When asked if the combination of factors _ his treatable prostate cancer, the separation and his wife’s claim that he had a relationship with a City Hall employee during their marriage _ meant he should get out of the race, 63 percent said he should continue to run. Seventeen percent said he should pack up his campaign gear.

Asked Friday if he found the results heartening, Giuliani said: ``No, this is a very highly personal matter. My focus and concern are for all the people involved in it. I’ve never paid an awful lot of attention to polls.″

The mayor said he had still not made up his mind about staying in the race.

A New York Post/Fox TV poll from the end of April, conducted by Zogby International just after Giuliani, 55, announced he had cancer, found 12 percent of voters said the disease meant he was no longer a strong candidate. Eighty-two percent said he remained a strong candidate.

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