Wake up to the danger of Trump -- Kay Ziegahn

July 13, 2018

As President Donald Trump jets off to get his next set of instructions on how to derail our democracy and secure a dictatorship for himself from his mentor, Russian President Vladimir Putin, we are left to wonder why the cable news channels still insist on covering and incessantly replaying every utterance that comes from his mouth.

Since we know everything he says is either a lie or a gross exaggeration, I am increasingly repulsed by all of this live coverage. Why couldn’t they simply quote the gist of his sophomoric tweets and speeches, and not make him the TV star he aspires to be.

In fact, why isn’t the inhumane treatment of refugee children and their parents at the border not an impeachable offense? Even without all the other unprecedented actions of this man that threaten our environment and rouse some to commit violence, that alone should be punishable.

We are constantly being told that he was elected by a majority of the American people, but that too is a fallacy: The Electoral College was how he got in. That is just one of many aspects of the Constitution which is sadly out of date.

It’s definitely time for the rest of us to wake up.

Kay Ziegahn, Richland Center

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