Walls haven’t worked in the past -- Frederick W. Nagle

January 6, 2019

We hear much talk about the wall. How have walls worked historically? Regardless of what happened at Jericho, its wall must have been a disappointment to its builders.

In the 40-year Peloponessian War, the Spartan army never breached the Athenian wall, and every stone was in place when Athens was starved into surrender by the blockading Spartan navy. The Great Wall did not keep Genghis Khan out of China.

The (in)famous Berlin Wall may have hastened the downfall of communism by showing to the world that communist eastern Europe was little more than an upscale concentration camp. Walls impede human traffic, but not human ingenuity.

One suspects Mexican drug cartels have enough money to buy a fleet of wall-jumping helicopters. But President Donald Trump still wants his wall.

Frederick W. Nagle, Madison

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