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A Look at the Columbine Wounded

August 16, 1999

An update on some of the most seriously wounded students on the day classes resumed at Columbine High School:

_Richard Castaldo, 17, remained at Craig Hospital on Monday but is expected to be released later this week. He was shot eight times, suffering a spinal cord injury that left him without feeling from the waist down. He was also severely wounded in the left arm. He intends to return to Columbine this fall.

_Anne Marie Hochhalter, 17, was released from Craig Hospital on Thursday but continues to undergo rehabilitation. She took a direct hit in her spinal cord that left her paralyzed from the waist down. She intends to return to Columbine to finish out her senior year but has not set a date.

_Sean Graves, 15, who suffered a spinal cord injury after a bullet nicked his spine, has some feeling below the waist and can walk with the help of a walker and a therapist. He plans to return to Columbine this fall.

_Patrick Ireland, 17, the student who pulled himself out of a second-floor library window during the attack, is undergoing daily outpatient treatment at Craig. He was shot twice in the head and suffered a brain injury. He is receiving speech and physical therapy. He returned to school Monday.

_Lance Kirklin, 16, returned to Columbine on Monday. He suffered five gunshot wounds; a shotgun blast tore away much of the left side of his face. He will undergo reconstructive surgery at least four more times.

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