AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean

October 20, 2017

In this Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 photo, Rodrigo Diaz Mejia climbs over a crushed car into what was a second-story apartment at 517 Tokio street, felled by the earthquake almost one month ago in the Portales Norte neighborhood of Mexico City. The 38-year-old mechanic who lives nearby said he ran to help rescue people trapped atop the buildings roofs on the day of the quake, Sept. 19, and has since been making risky trips into the ruptured structures to retrieve valuable possessions for displaced residents. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

This photo gallery highlights some of the top news images, made by Associated Press photographers in Latin America and the Caribbean, published in the past week.

One month after Mexico’s deadly earthquake, capital residents continue to make risky trips into condemned apartment buildings to retrieve valuable possessions before their homes and offices are demolished. Puerto Ricans also remain homeless one month after Hurricane Maria barreled across the island, knocking out the electricity grid.

Venezuelans voted in regional elections where pre-election polls predicted that outrage over triple-digit inflation, widespread food shortages and the recent crackdown on dissent gave the opposition a virtual lock on the majority of Venezuela’s 23 governorships. But in the end the opposition carried only five districts.

Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner campaigned for a senate seat ahead of Oct. 22 midterm elections.

Brazilian lawmakers voted against suspending President Michel Temer from office, allowing him to avoid trial on charges of obstruction of justice and leading a criminal organization.

A record number of southern right whales made their annual migration from Antarctica to Argentina’s Patagonia to give birth and feed their offspring. Dead fish floated in the Confuso river in Paraguay, where authorities say they are investigating the cause.

Protesters in Mexico City decried human trafficking and slavery in the silent “Walk for Freedom,” one of many events around the globe.


This photo gallery was curated by photographer Dieu Nalio Chery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. On Twitter: @CheryHaiti https://twitter.com/CheryHaiti


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