There are angels in Pocatello

September 18, 2018

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the gentleman, and his young son, who pulled over to help me the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 12. I had done some yard work that afternoon, and my garbage can was filled to the top with branches from my apple tree, and it was extremely heavy. When I pushed it out to the road for garbage pickup the next day, it tipped over! It weighed so much that I wasn’t able to get it back up. It was dark, and I was so frustrated! As I stood there trying to decide who to ask for help, a pickup traveling south stopped and the driver got out and asked if I needed help. He and his son were able to stand it back up! I don’t know who this very kind man is, but I want him to know how very much I thank him for stopping to help. He doesn’t know how frantic I really was. And I also want to thank whoever it was last winter, that stopped to help when my car slid into the snowbank on the side of my driveway. My car would not move, but he was able to get me out. Again, I do not know who this kind man is, but if he is still in our area, I have meant to give him my thanks when I was in a really desperate situation!

Thanks to these very, very considerate individuals.

Linda Kessler,


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