Sewickley residents in the ‘Steep Slope district’ are concerned about driveway

November 27, 2018

‘Steep Slope district’ residents concerned

To the editor:

This is concerning property at 601 Hill St. in Sewickley.

The property owner has installed a driveway from 550 Hopkins St., a designated steep slope property, down the steep slope for access to property on Hill Street.

This appears to be a very dangerous situation. The property owner does not like the on-street parking that is offered to access the property on Hill Street.

We all would prefer easier access, but at what cost to other residences?

We hope council, the planning commission and all concerned look at this and consider if they would want a car coming down this steep slope and ending up in their home?

All residents’ concerns should be taken into consideration, not just making it convenient for one.

Does one not consider the danger of landslides or disturbing underwater springs? These potentially hazardous conditions affect us all, who already have increased water in basements.

We who live in the Steep Slope district have concerns about what is happening in our neighborhood.

Sandra M. Martin

Barbara Cox



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