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Eulogy Excerpts From Bono’s Funeral

January 10, 1998

Excerpts from eulogies at Sonny Bono’s funeral Friday:

Cher, former wife and singing partner:

_ Some people thought that Son wasn’t very bright, but he was smart enough to take an introverted 16-year-old girl and a scrappy little Italian guy with a bad voice and turn them into the most successful and beloved couple of this generation.

_ Some people were under the misconception that Sonny was a short man, but he was heads and tails taller than anyone else. He could see above the tallest people. He had a vision of his future and just how he was going to build it.

_ His enthusiasm was so great that he just swept everybody along with him. Not that we knew where he was going, but we just wanted to be there.


Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich:

_ This is a very hard-working man. Yes, he was cheerful. Yes, he was pleasant. He’s also ambitious. ... You don’t work in what is one of the two or three most ruthless industries in America, show business _ politics being another one _ and rise without intelligence and guile and willingness to apply yourself.

_ As he told us one night in a very tense and very difficult members-only conference, his career changed. He realized suddenly he was no longer a success in show business. It was on his 47th guest appearance on ``Fantasy Island.″

_ To Sonny: We count on you to look over us, we count on you to give us that sense of good cheer and that sense of optimism for which all of us who knew you will remember you until we join you.


California Gov. Pete Wilson:

_ And City Hall tried to tell Sonny how to run his life, so Sonny said, ``Excuse me, hell, why fight city hall, just take it over.″

_I could just hear him greeting St. Peter. I can just hear it: ``Hey, you got me babe.″


Political commentator and friend Bruce Herschensohn:

_ There was such a goodness in him, and there was a childlike innocence combined with ancient wisdom.

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