March 24, 2019
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The Tristen, a Gulf Coast tugboat, hauls parts of an ethane cracker plant on the Ohio River in December between Huntington and Proctorville. The plant is being constructed in Monaca, Pa.

Living and working in the Tri-State has changed over the years and continues to evolve. In today’s edition of The Herald-Dispatch, you’ll find the second installment of our two-part Progress 2019 edition, focusing on business and industry, and homes and transportation.

In business and industry, learn about both long-standing local industries and how they are faring, as well as new and expanding businesses seeking to change the face of the region.

In homes and transportation, find stories detailing new ways to get around — whether by air or land — and read about ways homeowners are improving their lives with new technology.

And if you missed our first installment focusing on health and wellness, and education and careers, visit www.herald-dispatch.com to view those reports.