Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, December 26, 2018

December 26, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to misinformation. London Bridge Resort didn’t start repaving their parking lot until the Monday after the Christmas Boat Parade, Friday, and Saturday nights. We parked there along with many others!

Orchids to all the ladies at the FOE for volunteering their services (waitresses and cooks). The ladies are always pleasant and helpful. You rock!

Onions to the Orchid regarding great volunteers at the club. They are not volunteers. The vacant positions were filled by the same House Committee officers who trashed our volunteers then couldn’t find a single person to fill those positions. The membership knows and will not support you.

Orchids to Yohan! When you were about to receive a gift from our Lion’s Club, you surprised us by giving us a candy cane first! You are a wonderful young man. Just the kind of person our world needs! Merry Xmas.

Orchids to the London Bridge Lions! The enthusiasm, energy and fun you all bring to the club has rejuvenated and confirmed what Lionism is really about! We have so much fun and service awaiting us in 2019! See you all there!

Onions on being told we couldn’t have a funeral pyre within city limits. Such a ritual has been family tradition going on 33 years. Smoke wouldn’t have been a problem. Roasting was to be hours after most restaurants closed. A funeral pyre was grandpa’s final desire!

Orchids to Traci at Four Clovers for her diligent service to the large ND group. Excellent service and extraordinary food! The Wilens

Onions to the many drivers that get into the left turn lane on Highway 95. There’s a reason for the yellow line.

Onions to the young person asking me out loud in the restaurant waiting-area, “Is that a pathetic leg?” I started to correct the fellow, (prosthetic) yet seeing their baseball cap on backwards figured I’d be wasting my time.

Onions again to health workers around town in scrubs! Not so much what they are carrying but what they take back to offices/hospitals. That was taboo in my nursing days! And we wonder at the infection rates in hospital.

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